Best Halal Restaurant in Auckland

Islam is a rapidly increasing religion in New Zealand. Did you know that between 1991 and 2006, the Muslim population increased six-fold? Impressive! That speaks of the multicultural diversity of the country. Despite its noted increase in population, however, Muslims still constitute a small percentage of New Zealand’s overall populace. In fact, the community stands at only one per cent! In New Zealand you can find many Restaurants and amidst all this, Bawarchi is one of the most famous Halal Restaurant in Auckland.

Halal food

What’s interesting is the fact that, despite this, the country remains to be one of the biggest exporters of halal products. That is why Muslim travellers won’t have a hard time preparing their meals for their trip as there is a generous amount of halal stores in the country. I know all of these from personal experience. Finding a halal restaurant in Auckland won’t be a problem as there are various food hubs in the city. Your quest for the best halal restaurant in the town begins here. Of course, halal food is not just for Muslims! The information from this post will also be useful to vegetarians or anyone with similar dietary restrictions. Pointing you towards the best option you have in town. It goes by the name Bawarchi, and it is an authentic Mughlai Indian restaurant.

Bawarchi Indian Restaurant and Takeaway

Bawarchi offers Hyderabadi Mughlai cuisine. It is a trace of the Mughal empire that ruled India about half a millennium ago! The South Indian city itself is still known for its rich culture and fantastic food. When you eat at Bawarchi, it’s not a stretch to say that it is the best halal restaurant in Auckland.

There’s a dinner buffet option, which is excellent if you want to eat until you’re full! It goes on every day from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm. My advice? If you plan on doing the buffet on a weekend or a holiday, don’t forget to call ahead. The place gets crowded on those days, so it would be best to book a table.

Here’s another tip: Don’t miss out on the Biryani and Chicken 65! While the restaurant offers excellent food, these are its specialties. For non-meat eaters, the Palak Paneer and Bagare Baigan is a must. Don’t have to be afraid to ask the staff about any of your concerns! They have always been very accommodating.

Aside from being people’s favorite halal restaurant in Auckland, it’s pretty much a favorite restaurant full-stop. I’m glad to hear that there’s also a branch in Christchurch so that I can get my comfort food when I go there.

Final thoughts

There are plenty of options for halal food in Auckland. Not only is halal food readily available, but there are also good places to get them whenever you are there in the City of Sails! But why go to a place that serves good food when you can go to the best restaurant in the vicinity? Head on to Bawarchi and enjoy authentic Indian cuisine at an affordable price!