Best Buffet in Auckland

Once in a while, we treat ourselves by dining out in a buffet, but only a few of us know where to go. If you’re in Auckland, there are innumerable restaurants who offer a buffet-style dining option. You will find cuisine of all kinds, but let’s focus on Indian cuisine for now. What to look for The best Indian dinner buffet in Auckland should provide authenticity and a variety of Indian dishes. Since India is a large area, the offerings should reflect the vastness of the subcontinent! India boasts of multiple religions and beliefs.

Are you dining out with friends? Make sure to take their beliefs, practices, and dietary requirements into consideration. For example, it is essential for Muslim Indians to find a dinner buffet that offers halal food due to the traditional Islamic law and beliefs. There are other things to consider when searching for the best buffet in Auckland other than food. Do not forget to take into account the ambiance and how accommodating the staff is. For this endeavour, you will find word of mouth and online reviews to be precious. You’ll learn from their experiences if these places are worth visiting or not. In my personal experience, there is only one place to go if you are craving Indian food while in town. I would recommend nowhere else but Bawarchi.

Bawarchi Indian Takeaway and Restaurant

Bawarchi offers authentic Hyderabadi Mughlai fare. This type of cuisine that came from the Mughal empire in India about 500 years ago! Hyderabad is a well-known South Indian city for its rich culture and delicious food. Hyderabadi dishes maintained the originality of Mughlai cuisine, which is influenced by the Persian and Turkish cultures. Bawarchi Indian Takeaway and Restaurant is at Sandringham, Auckland.

The dinner buffet starts at 5:30 PM and closes at 9:30 PM. I recommend calling ahead to book a table, especially if you are coming with a large group of people. There might be queues during the weekends and holidays, so plan accordingly!

Dinner buffet

The following are some of the recipes commonly served during the dinner buffet:

  • Tanghi Chicken
  • Pudina Chutney
  • Sheer Kurma
  • Shashi Tukda
  • Suji Kheer
  • Mirchi Salan
  • Murghi Fry
  • Onion Pakoda
  • Dal Makhani
  • Lamb Biryani

I highly recommend the Biryani from the menu. It’s full of flavor and extremely authentic-tasting. I almost felt like I was back in India! The lamb dishes are excellent in general, and so are the curries. I have to admit that I have not been disappointed by anything that they have served here thus far. Let’s hope that it stays that way! Final thoughts With affordable prices, I wouldn’t dare go anywhere else whenever I feel a craving for Indian food. The welcoming staff is merely the icing on the cake. Bring your friends with you to Bawarchi and enjoy one hour’s worth of all-you-can-eat Indian food! I proudly declare that it is the best buffet in Auckland. You will get your money’s worth and then some.