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indian foodSheik Abdul Dayan


Dayan is a professional cook with over 30 years of experience in India, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and New Zealand.

He is a Golden Hat Award recipient for the year 2004, 2007 and 2009. These awards were presented on the occasion of ‘The International Chefs Day 2010’, Chennai in India.

Dayan is a member of World Chef Society Association and has been invited to participate in demonstrate in some 5-star and 7-star hotels in India and other countries on special occasions.

With vast cooking experience of catering to people from different countries and regions, he is now a multi-cuisine expert. Some of the cuisines he is pride of specializing in Indian, Chinese, Tandoori, Mughlai, Middle Eastern, Sri Lankan, South and North Indian. Zero-oil food and Jain food also known as no-onion no-garlic food.

He believes in creativity and introduces some great innovative dishes very often at Bawarchi for our customers.

Dayan likes New Zealand because of its natural beauty. One of the benefits of working and cooking in New Zealand for Dayan is the quality ingredients with more organic nature. He says this quality adds up as a value to his profession and boosts his creativity, result of which can be assessed with our customers visiting again and again.

Dayan’s colleagues call him passionate of cooking and committed at work. They say that Dayan’s motivation level is always at its peak and nothing puts him off when he is in the kitchen. Dayan would reply to your question on his hobbies is – Cooking, cooking and cooking.

indian restaurant in aucklandSandeep Sharma

Sandeep Sharma is about to complete his four years of service at Bawarchi. He is one of the oldest staff at Bawarchi who started as a Kitchen assistant in 2012 because of his excellent knowledge of dishes and ingredients.

He has completed his National Diploma in Business from a college in Auckland. His great communication and relationship building skills took him out of the kitchen and put him in the front line to look after the customer management side of the Restaurant. We often get words of appreciation from our clients in hospitality management. A great credit of this goes to Sandeep Sharma who works directly with the Business owner.

Sandeep’s reason of coming to Bawarchi daily with renewed enthusiasm is because of the friendly and caring team at Bawarchi. He thanks for the family environment within the staff and says this environment plays a critical role in better customer service.


indian food at auckland

Late Mohammed Jamal
CHEFindian restaurant in auckland

*إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ‎ *
*”Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return”*

It is with great sorrow that I want to inform all that Mohammed Jamal , chef at Bawarchi , has passed away on the 07/10/17 suddenly after a heart attack in India .

His sudden demise has shocked and saddened us greatly , but the loss is greater for his family .

Its a great loss for all of us .We have lost a great friend , an excellent hard working chef , a kind and a considerate human being . We all at Bawarchi will always remember him , I request that you remember him and his family in your prayers .

Mohammad Khaja Mohiuddinindian food in auckland

Mohammad Khaja Mohiuddin became a Chef because of his love of food. He was influenced by his mother who is an excellent cook. He used to be in kitchen than anywhere else during his childhood and youth. He always wanted to travel the world and what’s better than becoming a chef for a person who is passionate about cooking .

Cooking for Khaja is a creative process. Even if he would use the same ingredients all over again and again he can create something new each time. Khaja started his career as a student of hotel management. After completing his bachelor’s degree in hotel management in 2009 he got trained in a 5-star hotel in India.

He has also completed International cookery level 5 course from Auckland. Before joining Bawarchi his local experience includes working in Christchurch for a chain of restaurants for about 2.5 years and also in an Indian restaurant in Ashburton. His favorite in cooking is tandoor, he says there’s nothing better than fresh tandoor meat and chicken with fresh tandoor bread. This is not only from the taste aspects but also because this is healthy as it has no fat and oil. His favorite piece of kitchen equipment is Tandoor oven. Fast, clean, and healthy!