Restaurant review: Bawarchi, Sandringham” – NZ Herald

Bawarchi specialises in the cuisine of Hyderabad, a region whose position, at the north of India’s south.The Persian and Arabic influences of the northern Mughlai …………the paneer tikka was oven-grilled cubes of the deliciously halloumi-like cheese, interleaved with big chunks of capsicum and onion chewy eggplant masala was as good as any I’ve tasted. Smarter than your average Indian restaurant.

Some of the restaurants are halal, and some explicitly ‘alcohol-free’.” – NZ Herald

Azeem Mohammed, 35, owner of Bawarchi Restaurant on Sandringham Rd……….”I know that for some Kiwis alcohol and wine is very important when they go out to have dinner,” Mr Azeem said.

“Get healthy in 2015: Brain food for better rumination” – NZ Herald

“Mohammed Jamal, head chef at Bawarchi Restaurant on Sandringham, said bheja fry – masala brains – is a popular street dish which many consider to be a “brain food” in his native India.”