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First Time Choosing an Indian Restaurant in Auckland?

Here are some tips

Finally you have decided to eat in an Indian restaurant in Auckland. Well, that’s a good idea. If you really want to eat the best Indian food in Auckland, pick a restaurant that is real Indian. It’s not the random assortment of spices that make food taste good, everything must be chosen very carefully and most importantly, you should know how Indian food is cooked.

Before you decide on an Indian restaurant, ask the following questions to yourself. Does the menu include authentic Indian dishes? And If you see people enjoying the food there, it’s a good sign that you’ve hit the right place.

India is a country full of people from different cultures. You may come across the terms like North Indian and South Indian food. In the mainstream restaurant, you will find food from North India, while in some restaurant, you will find a wide variety of foods. If this is the first time you are in an Indian restaurant in Auckland, or just don’t know what to order, here are some tips for you.

You will most likely see some common food items listed on the menu card. Daal, Sabzi, Naan, biryani and tandoori (veg & non-veg items). These are the main course but can also be taken if you’re not much hungry and looking for a different taste. Naan and roti are bread made of wheat, while Sabzi is a form of contorni. There are many varieties available in curry for both veg and non-veg lovers. Dal is lentil stew. It comes in different varieties and on top of that, the ways to prepare dal are different. You will most likely see Dal Makhni and Dal Tadka in Indian restaurants.

If you’re visiting an Indian restaurant in Auckland, going non-vegetarian like Mughlai tandoori dishes is the most preferred move, but if you want to avoid the meat, choose lentil and stewed vegetables. The reason because the word tandoori itself tells that whatever you’re going to eat will be very juicy, crispy and tasty. Check the word ‘tandoori’ in the menu and you’ll get to see different varieties of chicken dishes that come out from the tandoor.

If you do not wish to go all in the Indian food, try snacks such as salad, jeera rice, Hyderabad biryani, halwa or lassi. If you are not feeling like having tea and want a similar kind of refreshment, lassi could be an ideal choice for you. If you’re going with kids, don’t forget to order halwa, kheer and rabdi malai. These are some of the most amazing sweet dishes from different parts of India.

The best idea is to visit Indian grocery stores and also make some Indian friends or join communities where Indian foodies frequently visit. This is the best way to know more about Indian foods.

If you are in Auckland, Bawarchi would surely be the best “Indian Restaurant Near Me” option for you to enjoy the authentic and delicious Indian Food!