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  • Best Halal Restaurants to Visit When You’re in Auckland Islam is a rapidly increasing religion in New Zealand. Did you know that between 1991 and 2006, the Muslim population increased six-fold? Impressive! That speaks of the multicultural diversity of the country. Despite its noted increase in population, however, Muslims still constitute a small percentage of […]

  • Best Indian Dinner Buffet in Auckland Once in a while, we treat ourselves by dining out in a buffet, but only a few of us know where to go. If you’re in Auckland, there are innumerable restaurants who offer a buffet-style dining option. You will find cuisine of all kinds, but let’s focus on Indian […]

  • Wanna Try Mughlai Indian Food in Auckland: Where To Start From? Mughlai Indian food is much-loved universally. It is one of the Indian cuisines that is appreciated everywhere around the world. Finding the best Indian food in Auckland is not so hard, but ordering them from reputed Indian restaurants is always a great idea. From […]

  • First Time Choosing an Indian Restaurant in Auckland? Here Are Some Tips So you have decided to eat in an Indian restaurant in Auckland.Well, that’s a good idea. If you really want to eat the best Indian food in Auckland, pick a restaurant that is real Indian. It’s not the random assortment of spices that […]